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A great sense of satisfaction, comfort and security comes from the place we call home. It is a self-contained space where everything works if enriched by a series of personal details which contribute to that feeling that makes you say: this is the place I want to be. This blog is meant to provide you with inspiration and ideas within reach. We live in the time of frugality. The end of excess  is bringing most of us to a more considerate lifestyle.

The old Spring – Bell

The white Wisteria

This is the ideal place for who want to escape from everyday pressures.  You will discover corners that radiate a natural tranquillity. Here my husband’s family  come to spend their weekends and a part of the summer in this lush green environment. The house rests on a unique location. It is on a hilltop surrounded by vegetation but you can still see it from the plain. The house has been restored  completely thirty years ago.  The two sides of the house date back  from 1800, but the “heart”  of it  is much older, in fact it originally was a mast of the 12th century.

The Rosemary

The old  and wise Sophora tree is standing  quietly in front of the house. She  looks like sculptured by the wind waiting for Spring.  Yes this blooming Old Lady  is a marvelous amulet but mostly it is the house’s symbol.

In the summertime it becomes a real  green waterfall of leaves and under its canopy you can enjoy the fresh air.  You can stop for hours  thinking about whatever you like. I  go back to the past where I find a little girl that imagines how nice should be to be a little colored singing bird in the nest. For sure this is for me one of the best way to relax.

The Sophora produces, once every two years, intoxicating and, apparently, hallucinogenic pale green berries. I never tried them, though.

If you walk  barefoot in the vineyard at the end of August the sensation is wonderful and you will have the chance  to see and smell the beautiful grapes before the harvest. After it, grapes rest for 4 months  in the drying loft before being squeezed and fermented. The old vineyard still produces a noble wine that is simply called “The Red”.