The wild Pear Tree

The trompe l’0eil on this ocher wall reflects the meaning of a quiet and simple living. My husband painted it twenty years ago. The bottle and the glass are both half empty, or half full, depending on  your point of view.

Every time I look at the little stone house I get hungry. One hundred years ago there was an old bakery serving bread to the village. The stone oven was’t very big  but was always on.  I can almost smell the inviting fragrance of bread and freshly baked cookies. Here below you can see the door’s entrance of the bakery. The place was a daily opportunity for people to meet and  gossip, of course!

Thirty years ago my father in law transformed it in a lab where wine is produced for friends and family. Once this place was sacred to the bread as it is today for the wine.

This wood sculpture was found in an old Venetian Villa. It dates back to 1600 and it is an allegorical figure. It rappresent “Bacchus”. It was  placed in a corridor above an arch in auspicious sign of abundance. Now is in the cellar to guard the wine.

This is Misi, the Certosino cat who is always quick to steal some milk, or a cuddle.


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