The small hilltop village in Veneto’s countryside.

It is always exciting to step inside a historic house where, for instance, a composer or a writer once lived. Think of Rubens, Rembrandt or Ravel’s home.  Perhaps you might want to create a similar, rich atmosphere in your own place. There is nothing against that, quite the contrary. It can also be quite easy if you live in old premises, as is the case here, because this house certainly has old roots going back to the early 12th century.  Documents of the time say that the property in question was a Castle which belonged to the Bishop of Vicenza. The Castle was donated in 1001 by Ottone III German Emperor to Girolamo, Bishop of Vicenza. In 1130 the Castle went destroyed because of people quarrels about the Bishop’s administration. The ruins later turned into material for the construction of houses and stone walls to the benefit of various families. In 1378 Hungarians invaded and burned almost entirely the existing settlement. From 1400 to 1564 cadastral esteems have been lost. No more traces are available until 1649.  Here we come to know that on the Castle ground there was a manor house with porch, oven and stables for horses and sheep. In 1895 my husband’s relatives bought the property.

The old Map of the country (Tav. 1) – 22 March 1676

The Property (Tav.2) – 22 March 1676

The Map of the County in 1809

 The way we were

My husband’s ancestors

The castle in 1000 was very much similar to this fortified mast

Under the Sophora you can clearly see what actually remains of the old Castle’s walls

The wall

Aerial View – September 2012

” Entrance to the Restaurant” – Van Gogh (Paris, July 1887)

The Entrance to the House  (Veneto – August 2012)

Chamomile flowers

Palm seeds


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