RITOCCATA p10704252

When we walk into a generous and cozy home, we can almost sense the comfort in the air. It will smell good, feel warm and look inviting. I try to use all the senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. I go by heart when I create a new space. Our senses should be used to add to the comforts of home. However, I use these charms discretely: too much of a good thing is often as unattractive as too little.

RITOCCATA 3 p1070416_edited-1

I love the fireplace especially in winter: it is so nice to read in front of the fire sipping a whisky, and  it’s so relaxing and romantic to stay with someone in front of the fire hearing the crackle of the burning wood while the smell of wood fills the air. This room is one of my favorites: for this reason I tried to make it more friendly as possible. The wood beams that hold up the chimney are 600 year-old, coming originally from an ancient villa. As a souvenir from a journey to Sicily, I placed four ancient ceramic tiles on top of the fireplace. The pieces come from the cathedral’s roof of Palermo.

During spring and summertime I use to decorate the fireplace mouth with olive branches. The fireplace is made of white Vicenza stone. The two redwood deers on both sides of the fireplace were bought in Munich but come from Thailand.


The only piece of furniture we actually bought is a plain Ikea’s sofa, enriched by  Turkish Kilim pillows and warm sheepskins. Sofas, in the past, were used only with guests, for a formal chat in the living room. That’s why we went for a modern one: it’s more indulging and, the ideal for Sunday’s sweet nothing.

This wrought iron lamp is entirely hand -made. It was forged by Francesco da Cogollo, an artist who doesn’t make such masterpieces anymore because he passed away ten years ago. I found this rare piece in an antique shop in Verona and I thought: I must have it.

red woman ritoccata

The painting you see up here was a gift for our wedding: ” Woman in red” by Joan Gillespie, a Scottish artist and friend. She looks like me, doesn’t she?

I used an old Tibetan cupboard to place all the good bottles, creating a sort of bar corner where everybody can have their ‘ Grappa’ on tap.

The stereo has been placed in the lower part, along with our old fashioned collection of cd.

A house that smells lovely is instantly inviting. I’m a real candle aficionados and sometimes I use several different scented candles, each in a different room, with each separate fragrance complementing the last and leading the senses on. The candles are magical, they create a very special ambience.


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