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The Baths of Caracalla were Roman public baths, or thermae, built in Rome between 212 and 216 AD, during the reign of the Emperor Caracalla. The extensive ruins of the baths have become a popular tourist attraction.

Medieval illustration of a large stew, the communal bath which featured feasting and prostitution

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The ritual of washing  has not always been the most popular of pastimes. Throughout the ages societies have fallen in and out of love with the idea of sweet – smelling cleanliness. The Ancient Romans’ love of bathing, both in private and public baths, is well documented and more than a thousand years later numerous   medieval illustrations attest to bathing as a jolly, social and sometimes erotic activity with wooden tubs for two often depicted. Even when bathrooms began very slowly to be installed across Europe, most rich people still bathed in a tub in front of the fire, filled of hot water brought to the tub by someone else.

Today, all is very different!

A confortable bathroom is one where all the necessary accessories, from bottles and jars to bath and shower, have a place. There is no regulation that says you may not hang pictures in a bathroom.

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argenti bagno

bagno doccia




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Jewelry leather boxes, a cartoon embroidery, shades,  a hand-painted paper fan, a gold pocket-watch , prayer frames: all of these objects once belonged to our ancestors.

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Shoemaker’s wooden forms.

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An old pear wood door transformed into a headboard for our bed.

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The cotton blanket handmade by my grandmother.

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Our family pictures tell many stories.



An old wooden psyche, a couple of oil lamps, a toilette brush set, a triptych of perfume bottles.

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A red Turkish kaftan with a Berber necklace.

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After completing the house with the main pieces, the best part comes. At least for me, because I enjoy a lot to look for small or rare objects. I also like to restore them and find the right location. I consider every home like a huge puzzle to compose in no hurry. The creativity without imagination is nothing! Attention to details is essential to obtain a nice, cozy and carefully decorated house. Never forget the power of accessories. Gather inspiration in antique stores, decor magazines and books; it’s fundamental! Sometimes, upgrading accessories can refresh the space where we live, increase functionality and provide new focal points for our interiors. The best way to get inspiration for colors, materials and textures is to travel and even wander around your own town. Something discarded by someone can end up being your treasure, if you just know what to look for.

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RITOCCATA cucchiai

This old clay jars were used in Southern Italy as eggplants’ and sundry tomatoes’ container. They preserved veggies in oil for the winter. I think they are fantastic and practical, as pots for wood spoons and ladles.

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Christmas decoration can last all year long.

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A blast from the past: graters for dry bread and cheese, meat grinder, a coffee maker, stove and oil lamp, brass weighing. A nice “groupage”.

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I recycled this pine wood shoe polish container as a smoking box (Why not?).

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An iron cobbler form moves a last step as a doorstop.

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A precious bobbin lace to cover a worn armchair.

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An old chinese wash axis bought in Shangai becomes a useful cutting board.

Vintage hat forms over a discarded fir chest can be a set of sculptures.

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A  jute braid  from Namibia as a door decoration.

This old typesetting drawer can be a wall of memories, with tiny, ethnic jewelry.