The Baths of Caracalla were Roman public baths, or thermae, built in Rome between 212 and 216 AD, during the reign of the Emperor Caracalla. The extensive ruins of the baths have become a popular tourist attraction.

Medieval illustration of a large stew, the communal bath which featured feasting and prostitution

RITOCCATA screen-shot-2012-11-29-at-12-14-55-am

The ritual of washing  has not always been the most popular of pastimes. Throughout the ages societies have fallen in and out of love with the idea of sweet – smelling cleanliness. The Ancient Romans’ love of bathing, both in private and public baths, is well documented and more than a thousand years later numerous   medieval illustrations attest to bathing as a jolly, social and sometimes erotic activity with wooden tubs for two often depicted. Even when bathrooms began very slowly to be installed across Europe, most rich people still bathed in a tub in front of the fire, filled of hot water brought to the tub by someone else.

Today, all is very different!

A confortable bathroom is one where all the necessary accessories, from bottles and jars to bath and shower, have a place. There is no regulation that says you may not hang pictures in a bathroom.

quadro nevejpg

argenti bagno

bagno doccia



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