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The Origin

As we sailed along the coast in 1995, we discovered this old ruin. The physiognomy of the construction was fascinating as it stood isolated amidst a wide-open space, slightly sloped towards the sea. The land around the ruin was unique for the area and flowed into a rocky coastline, which appeared to be less steep and rough than the land preceding or following it.

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Retaining something of the original impression of the place became quite a challenge. At first, we envisioned it as being a holiday home, but once all the rooms had been laid out with their own bathrooms, we realized we could not keep the place all to ourselves. So we set out to make it accessible to our friends.


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The Amalfi Cost

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The opportunity to spend the entire day outside is one of the great advantages of life by the sea. The garden serves as an extension of the house. In this more than 5000 square meter space you can enjoy the great coastal panorama while wandering around sculpted hedges, greenery, fountains and stone benches. The sights and smells that you experience whilst walking around here have been thought out by the award-winning Belgian landscape architect Jacques Wirtz. It is yours to explore and see where your senses take you.

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Herbs, spices, fruit and vegetables from our working estate are used in our recipes and remedies – cultivated on the day, every day, for ultimate freshness. Most of the ingredients our kitchen uses are the fruits of our good position and climate, grown organically in originally abundant gardens.




Private Seaside

From the house the sea is close enough to recognize every ripple and wave, yet it is as vast as a great plain. Passing ships are the actors on an extravagant set of islands and mountainsides.


Dream away to the sound of the Mediterranean sea kissing the rocks while being able to make a refreshing jump off the cliffs if you wish.



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