1 henry bourne-nyt-dustjacket attic

Walk together into this impressive London home with high ceilings and beautiful windows. I think that we can’t find a better example for classic English coziness of this 19th-century house. Here lives the interior designer Rose Uniacke. Above a Sigmar Polke painting and 17th-century Mughal rug in the study exemplify Uniacke’s passion for well-chosen pieces. Belove a portrait of Roy Orbison by the Polish artist Wilhelm Sasnal in the entry.

4 henry bourne-nyt-dustjacket attic

Rose has an impressive style, built through her long work as an antiques dealer and interior designer, lived in England and France. She cleverly mixes and combines elegance, comfort, visual interesting and incredibly beautiful furniture.

7 henry bourne-nyt-dustjacket attic

The entrance hall features a cantilevered staircase carved from Portland stone and a George IV giltwood mirror.


6 henry bourne-nyt-dustjacket attic

Uniacke’s kitchen.

2 henry bourne-nyt-dustjacket attic

Uniacke’s bedroom with 17th-century northern European mirrors and a 19th-century French chandelier.

3 henry bourne-nyt-dustjacket attic

The large marble tub, a George III armchair and a painted Regency chair in the master bath.


The indoor pool made from lava stone.


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